Derps is done.

centch said: I love the way you plush feet! ;-;

Thank you :’3


Forgot to upload this. I bought some cute little tags for plushies too! 

Daawwww, what a cutie!

foxessux said: I would love to commission you one day, do the legs bend too??

Aww, thank you! It’ll probably be a while before I consider offering these for commissions (they’ll be a bit pricey due to the time and materials used, plus if I’m being honest I’m still a total noob with this sort of plush haha)

Nope. I did consider wiring them, but I just stuck with regular joints instead. He can sit, stand and lie down though :)

Black is the worst colour to photograph >-<

For anyone interested, this is a little cotter pin jointed art doll I’ve been working on in my evenings. He’s made from mini bear fur, and I’m going to make him a little flower crown once he’s done. He’s a French Bulldog, by the way and I’ll be making a Bull Terrier too. Probably a few cats too. I’d really like to make portrait plush of our family’s two cats that passed a few years back - I think my mum would like that :)


Oooh, what is it??

Oh my god! I saw your Kingler plushie.... Kingler is my favourite pokemon! And I have looked everywhere for one! I'd just like to say... It completes me xD

Awww, thank you so much! Haha, I have to say, when I first posted him I had no idea so many people would like him! I think he’s my most popular plush posted on here!

Derps is nearly done :3


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