So I’ve been trying to decide whether to get a Tangle Teezer. I’m not entirely sure if I can justify spending over $30 on a brush, but since I back comb my hair so much and it’s pretty damaged from dying it all the time I thought it might be worth it if it’s better for my hair. I asked my mum what she thought and her incredibly helpful response was “Ooooh, buy me one!”

hey! your work is amazing! i was wondering what your prices are for pony plushies? c:

Hey there, and thanks so much!

My price chart can be found here:

How many yards of minky does one need to make a standard sized pony plush? Is 1 yard enough for the body, and half for the mane and tail? And what is your recommendation on embroidery thread? Sorry for the questions, I dunno where to start D:

It’s no problem, I’m happy to help!

God, to be honest I don’t often pay attention haha ^^; It depends on how big your ponies are, but I find that a yard is plenty for the head and body, and when I position it well and don’t waste too much with embroidery mistakes I can get a mare and a filly from a yard. As for manes and tails, depending on what pony you’re making (whether they have lots of colours or mainly one colour) you might need more than half. Rarity for example would take up a fair amount of fabric.

Out of the ones I’ve used I like Marathon the most. It’s pretty cheap but good quality too. I used to use Hemingworth but they’re more expensive, pretty much the same quality and the way the cone is designed the thread tends to get wrapped around the end of the spool when embroidering if I’m not paying attention. The only other brand I’ve tried is Designs by Sick which I bought really cheap from my aunt. It’s definitely not that great, and I wouldn’t recommend it.

Hope that helps!



So, it’s come to our attention that some Chinese company by the name of Onlyfactor is starting to mass produce knock-offs, and one of their plushies produced is Snowdrop.

As the creators of Snowdrop we’re asking that you do not support this…

That’s definitely a good point. I’m trying not to look at it from a plush maker’s perspective since technically what I do is the same thing (though I do think there’s a big difference between someone like myself making maybe 20 - 30 pony plush a year and a company mass producing thousands of them) I can somewhat overlook the fact that they’re making licensed characters but I draw the line at trying to mass produce characters that belong to individual artists, who don’t have massive legal teams and millions of dollars to protect their character rights. Also it’s the attitude and complete lack of respect from the brony community that really irritates me. No one should be called ‘bossy’ for not wanting a company to make profit from their characters. No one should be told they should be flattered that a company has taken their character without even asking.

I’m not trying to start anything, and I hope you don’t take this as an attack ^^; I just don’t want people to think that my main problem with this site has anything to do with me being a plush maker haha

I had the exact same reaction to Marshal! He's mentioned moving about 4xs and i wanted to cry each. I think I wont play anymore if he actually does. Wish I could get a plushie! they should be mass produced as ACNL swag!!! petition!

Aw no! Thankfully none of the villagers in my town that I get along with have asked to move. Kitty’s not one of my favourites out of all of them, but she’s been in my town since the start and we’re bffs, so I’d be pretty sad if she moved. Hopefully Marshal will be the same ^-^

I’m surprised they haven’t made more plush to be honest, considering some characters popularity. I do plan to make a Marshal plush myself though ;)

What's your name on Etsy? I'd love to order something MLP related once you're ready.

This is my store here:

You’ll have to excuse it’s emptyness ^^; I do plan on making some stock for it sooner or later, and the chibi ponies will be put up once I’ve finished the set :)

Omg Marshal from Animal Crossing New Leaf plushie would be AMAZING and sell like hotcakes!

Haha, he actually just moved into my town recently! At first I was like, wait, he’s one of the most popular villagers?? I can now understand why, and have been smitten by him aha. I’ll definitely be plushing him one day :)

Are these people for real, Sugar? And now of all times? You already need this time to yourself and you are kind enough to do things like the Chibi Ponies while working so hard to finish everything. I wish I knew who they were so I could beat them with a very sharp stick. Some people's attitude are just unreal. Thank you for all that you do - truly. As a fierce follower, I am personally so delighted you are so sweet and so caring and so awesome. <3

Unfortunately yes ^^;

Haha, sharp sticks aren’t necessary, but I appreciate the thought :p

You are so very welcome, and thank you for this ask, you’ve really cheered me up <3


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